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Signing up for one of our challenges gives you the chance to tick off a once-in-a-lifetime experience on your bucket list while fundraising for a fantastic cause. 

When you sign up for one of our mind-blowing ‘challenge’ expeditions or activities, you are put onto a team, given a fundraising target for a particular charity, and if you hit it within the certain deadline set before the trip date, you get to go on this once-in-a-lifetime experience for a super affordable price.

While the targets might seem daunting, you’ll be supported at every stage by our charity reps, and your challenge leaders with fundraising ideas and resources. Teams often run events together like open mics, parties and raffles, or even sell Smack! Tickets and split the donations.


Through our promotion weeks, you can also come down to the particular information sessions you are most interested in for details on how to sign up and any questions you have. For the year 2022 -23, we have eight challenges as mentioned below- 

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Our skydiving challenge allows you to experience the thrill of free fall tandem skydiving! You will jump from 13,000 ft high and reach speeds of 120 mph throughout an adrenaline-fueled minute of free-falling before your parachute deploys.




Info Session: 15th Nov 2022

TRIP: 4th July 2023

In this challenge, you will conquer Kilimanjaro! Trek through Tanzania’s beautiful rainforests, vast moorland, past magnificent glaciers, and witness the sunrise standing high above the clouds on the way to the summit. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Info Session: 6th Oct 2022


The Dash to Dubrovnik is the ultimate student roadtrip. 2000 miles. 12 countries. 7 days. And one £500 car. Convoy and party through Europe’s coolest destinations, with a group of mates while supporting a good cause!



Info Session: 27th Oct 2022


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Story 6 (1).png
Story 7 (1).png

This 50km kayaking challenge will allow you to test your endurance and experience true Nordic wilderness! Throw yourself into an adventure while learning about nature, Nordic tales and working on survival skills together with skilled and trained guides.



Info Session: 13th Oct 2022

TRIP: 19th – 25th Aug 2023

Go on the world’s largest and best fun run in this challenge – the Inflatable 5K! The unique inflatable obstacle course race has crazy, enormous, and bouncy obstacles for you to tackle and pumping music to keep you motivated along the way!





Info Session: 17th NOV 2022

TRIP: Aug/Sep 2023

The National Three Peaks Challenge is a world-renowned adventure that sees participants take on the highest peaks of Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike), and Wales (Snowdon). The aim of the challenge is to complete all Three Peaks within 24 hours.




Info Session: 3RD Nov 2022


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Story 9 (1).png

The London to Paris cycle is one of the most well-known cycling challenges. Departing London for three tough days of cycling through scenic countryside and different types of terrain, this is the perfect cycling adventure, culminating in an evening celebration in the French capital.



Info Session: 20th Oct 2022

TRIP: 30th JUN- 2nd JUL 2023

We need you to join our squad and get down and dirty as you battle the mud on this epic and exhilarating challenge. Push your physical and mental limits as you brave demanding (and muddy) obstacles against a backdrop of the rolling green hills and the beautiful Belvoir Castle.




Info Session: 24th Nov 2022 TRIP: 15th APRIL 2023

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