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Our rep programme is the best way to get that little bit more involved with Warwick RAG and be part of running the crazy, wonderful things our society offers its members! Each exec member will have between 1-4 ‘reps’ to form a specific team working on that ‘part’ of rag. As a rep, you’ll be given the opportunity to plan and run the responsibilities that your team oversees alongside your lead Officer, with real freedom and scope to make it your own!


It is such a fantastic way of getting experience with leadership and administration for a large-scale, award-winning non-profit organisation, and with Warwick RAG’s reputation, it will definitely be valuable on the good old CV. We are looking for committed, motivated individuals who are passionate about RAG’s cause and experience in the area of rag/the team they are interested in applying for.

Applications are now open for all rep teams! Please come to our Rep Programme Introduction Session on 4th Oct, 2022 to get more details on the process if you have any questions.

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