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Warwick Rag (Raising and Giving), to keep it simple, is the corner of this university that does all things charity. Fundraising on average £250,000 annually (with a target of £500,000 this year!), this society, at its heart, is a massively diverse community of students looking to do some good while having bucket-loads of fun! Join us!










At RAG, we are a busy bunch! With multiple activities and socials per week, we definitely take the biscuit for the most active on campus- just take a look at our calendar! 














Our bragging rights include our SU Award wins for Biggest Impact on Campus and Best Society and being NASFA (National Students Fundraising Association) shortlisted at the country level for our fundraising work. We were recently nominated for Campaign of the Year for Movember 2021, Big Impact & Small Budget Award for last year’s LOST!, and Student Fundraising Group of the Year overall, as well as holding 5 more nominations for spectacular individuals from our committee! 

In the year 2021 -22, we raised:

A recap of  the year 2021- 22:

Screenshot 2022-08-24 184722.jpg
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